Battleline Atlanta- Civil War in Georgia
by Jimmy Cherokee Waters

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The battles are truly horrific and this book puts you there! The black powder smoke burns your eyes, and stings your lungs as you gasp for air amid the terror of the battle line. Men attack with cannon, and the dreaded repeating rifles, as you fight back with any weapons you can find. The thunder of massed cannon takes the very breath from your body. The fighting is hand-to-hand, and on the very doorstep of every home in northern Georgia. Fighting men, their wives, and their slaves all struggle desperately to preserve their lives amid the carnage of war. Follow the men and women of the Tugalo River Valley, Major Jamie Turnbull, his wife Mary, the Jarrett family, the Davis family, and their slaves, as they live through this most dangerous of times.
Battleline Atlanta tells of a time when thousands upon thousands of men fought to claim one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The terror was real among all Georgians when 100,000 of the enemy twice invaded this land, but this is much more than a war story. It is the story of love within the carnage of war, and of the beliefs of those who fought for the heart and soul of America, tracing the early causes of war against the Union from the beginnings of the antebellum period in the 1820s. This narrative shows the thinking of men and women who once fought for their very way of life in the south during those distant years.
The battles are historically presented, from the personal view of men in the defensive works. This book tells of the fight at Chickamauga in 1863, and follows Sherman’s Yankee advance into Georgia in 1864. Every battle is described with historic accuracy; the Battles of Dalton, Resaca, Pickett’s Mill, New Hope Church, the Battle of Dallas, Kennesaw Mountain, Peachtree Creek, and the Battle of Atlanta. Here Union spies, Harriet Tubman among them, helped slaves escape to Union lines, even as 165,000 men in both blue and grey fight to the death on nearby hillsides.
You won’t want to miss this exciting novel. Battleline Atlanta is a treasure for Civil War historians and historic fiction enthusiasts alike!


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