The Bender Legacy - Civil War in North Carolina
by Jimmy Cherokee Waters

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“Those blue bellies are behind us already!
Those Yankees won’t stop ’till they reach Kinston!”

Jessie Morton in the Confederate
Defensive Line, Battle of New Bern,
March 14, 1862

"That Yankee, standing slightly higher up the ditch-bank, with his sword drawn and a look of abject fear in his eyes, foresaw his own death in this Confederate demon from hell in the bottom of a Carolina ditch. He pissed his pants then and there. Taint Bell merely looked up at the Yankee he was about to kill, and smiled."

The fight at Deep Gully
Pollocksville, North Carolina
March 13, 1863

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Arresting courage and amazing bravery! Men and women showed their mettle, their grit, and their honor in those demanding times. The Bender Legacy commanded assistance reaching across battle lines and between the races in this decidedly American conflict. Follow the Bender family, both black and white, as they meet inhuman demands on the battlefield and in their daily lives. Love grows and life goes on even amid the human carnage of war. Bryan Bender crosses battle lines continuously to bring help to all. Lucy Bender rescues escaped slaves as her betrothed, Phil Bender, bravely fights for the Confederacy. Jake Bender commands the ironclad, Ram Albemarle, as she fights in those dark Carolina waters! Furney Bryant organizes the African Brigade of New Bern to fight for the Union in some of the most desperate conflicts ever seen on the American continent.

From the sea-born battles of Plymouth and Fort Fisher, to the desperate hand-to-hand fights at New Bern, Deep Gully, Kinston, Goldsboro, Bentonville, and Wyse Fork, you will relive the rich Carolina legacy of this bloody conflict. Amid the crash of explosive Parrott Rifles and Dahlgren guns, history comes alive in the darkest days of this conflict. No one can tell a rich, historic story of this depth like Jimmy C. Waters! Don’t miss his newest novel!

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