Blood Oath
by Jimmy Cherokee Waters

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ISBN Number: 978-0-615-24394-8

Pages: 272 (Soft Cover)

This bold historic novel catalogues the struggle for the frontier of the lower Blue Ridge Mountains from the Cherokee domination in the 1740s through the first gold rush in America in the 1830s! Like the Last of the Mohicans, this book tells of a time before white domination of the continent. Both the Cherokee and subsequent white settlers had to fight for these mountains, and the blood spilled in every battle enriched the value of this earth and these beautiful hills, once considered holy. As British subjects, the white traders came to treat with the powerful Cherokee, and later to battle those same peoples in the many Cherokee Wars.

Later during the American Revolution, half-breed Cherokee, and the worst of white settlers, whores from the docks of Savannah, Holy men in both cultures, and thousands of Scots-Irish from across the ocean—hungry for land they could call their own-- all fought for their small part of this rough frontier. In those struggles, all found common ground in their passion for these mountains as they sought their place in these hills. Every day was a struggle, a challenge, and a spiritual quest.

This book catalogues those battles, in the context of the greening of the American experience, and speaks to every citizen of this nation. Our heritage is a struggle, writ in blood, for the nation we enjoy, and no place better represents that struggle than the bloody frontier of the lower Blue Ridge.

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