Chimneys of the Great Smokies and Southern Appalachians,
by John Duncan Neils

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Pages: 80 (Soft Cover)

The Appalachian Highlands and Great Smoky Mountains have always been filled with wonder. While the early settler families may be long gone, in many places they left a part of themselves behind for us to ponder. Haven’t we all seen a chimney, fieldstone or stacked rock, sitting alone in a field with the cabin long gone? Haven’t we all wondered who lived there in bygone years? What family was raised by that hearth, nurtured by the warmth of a wood fire in that chimney of long ago?

This exciting book presents 40 chimneys as standing relics of history as well as functional and historic works of art. The stories of the families that created these hearths and chimneys are compelling, and present a snapshot of the history of the Great Smoky Mountains and Southern Appalachians. Every single chimney, every hearth has a story to tell. In those days, it was around the chimney and hearth that the family gathered. Bibles were read, marriages were conducted, families prayed, children were given their first breath, families ate and talked, and the older folks quietly passed their final few breaths of life, as these early mountain settlers lived out the decades of their daily lives.

This book presents these stories, so often ignored by history, of the family life in these beautiful mountains. These chimneys speak of a rich history, a snapshot of personal experience, of the families on the rough frontier in these mountains, living now only in our memories; these structures are works of art that speak of a life gone by.

Still, for those who today can listen quietly in the still of a Smoky Mountain morning, listen carefully, in the early mist, these chimneys speak, bringing to us a certain richness. We can yet hear much of their story.


Table of Contents

Chimneys: Snapshots of History 6

Chimneys of the Great Smokies: 9

The Hyatt Family Chimney 10
The Tyson McCarter Chimney 12
The Elijah Oliver Chimney 14
The Will Jenkins Chimney 16
The Civilian Conservation Corps Chimney 18
The Tipton Place in Cades Cove 22
Handmade Brick Chimney of Dan Lawson 24
Fletcher and Ada Lundsford Chimney 26
Roy McCarter Chimney 28
Chimney of Anse and Vira Ramsey 29
An Early Tourist Chimney of the Smokies 30
The Homer Reagan Chimney 32
The Freeman Chimney 33
Another Unknown Relic of Family Life 34
An Unknown Chimney of Noisy Creek 36
Rocks, Rocks, and More Rocks 37
More Crumbling Chimneys, History Unknown 38
Only the Lintel Left 39

Chimneys of The Carolina and Georgia Highlands 40

A Lonely Chimney in Carolina 41
A Slave Cabin Chimney 42
Chimney of the Tallulah Falls Fire 44
Stamey Family Chimney 46
A Share-Cropper’s Chimney of Chickamunga 47
Chimneys of Traveler’s Rest: A Stage Coach Tavern 48
The Elliott Chimney on Glassy Mountain 50
The Cook’s Chimney of Bear Gap Road 52
Fort Hollingsworth Chimney: An Indian Fort 54
The Chimney of Reverend Luther Colwell, Servant of God 56
The Leaning Chimney of Banks County 58
The Long Branch Chimney 60
Chimneys of the Georgia Gold Rush 62
Chimney of the Consolidated Gold Mine 64
Chimney of White Path: A Cherokee Chief 66
Sallie Doss Chimney 68
Early Chimney of The White Path Settlement 70
The Craven Family Chimney 71
The Cherokee Chimney of Judge Daniel 72
A Moonshiner’s Chimney In Georgia 74

These Singing Stones: 78
A Poem by John Duncan Neils

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