Mission Statement  

Currahee is an ancient Cherokee term meaning “Stands Alone,” and Currahee Mountain does indeed stand alone rising from the surrounding plains some 1000 feet, as a lone sentinel on the lower reaches of the Blue Ridge in North Georgia.  This outcropping announces the higher mountains only 2 miles to the north, and for the Cherokee the mountain was both a holy place and a navigational benchmark indicating the beginning of their hunting grounds.  It later became a metaphor for individual courage within the tribe, and was often sought out by the young braves for their spiritual quests; on this mountain they found  both individual challenge and triumph. 

In more recent years, Currahee continued to be a symbol.  The world famous Band of Brothers trained on this mountain in World War II, conditioning themselves with many a brisk run up Currahee.  The mountain is the basis of the shoulder patch still worn by the 101st Airborne Division of the United States Army.  Prior to going to recent wars in the Middle East, today's heroes tested their strength and their fortitude on Currahee.   Those soldiers traveled many hours to Currahee Mountain to run once again, where their brothers in arms ran decades ago.  They thus show their solidarity with the soldiers of earlier years, and affirm their respect for and unity with those who have gone before.   

Our independent press likewise stands alone as a celebration of Southern Mountain Culture, and Southern Culture generally.  Our mission is to acquire, produce, and promote a wide variety of works that foster understanding and enjoyment of the varied and marvelous peoples of Southern Appalachia, Cherokee, Scot-Irish, African-American, and subsequently those who populate these mountains today.   We believe that well written works can not only celebrate this marvelous Southern Mountain culture, but can indeed touch and transform lives.  We seek a limited number of such works for publication.




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