New Bern
by Jimmy C. Waters

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Copyright: Currahee Books 2009

Price: $11.95

ISBN Number: 978-0-615-28131-5

Pages: 328 (Soft Cover)

Pirates, Indian war, rebellion, this colony had it all! Three hundred years of history are born in this breath-taking new novel on the settlement of New Bern and the Carolina Colony! Rebellion, yellow fever, pirates, hunger, and the Tuscarora Massacre created a crucible, a bloody hell in the Carolinas between the Chowan River and the Cape Fear. Into that maelstrom along the Neuse and the Trent, were tossed a group of desperately poor, extremely proud German Mennonites. Follow John Lawson, de Graffenreid, Martin Bender, Katheryn Simmons, and William Brice as they struggle to build a new city in a new world. The enslaved peoples, Dunker Tim, Beatrice, and Black Jambo desperately longed for freedom even as they fought for the dream of this new colony on an unforgiving frontier. In the Tuscarora War the starving settlers huddled together and prayed, as a thousand Tuscarora Warriors roamed the countryside killing everything in sight! The Gentleman Pirate, Stede Bonnet, and the cruelest pirate of all, Blackbeard, sailed these shores. Bloody cutlasses sliced the air, and ship-to-ship battles terrified the settlers as pirate cannon thundered through the night at Ocracoke and along the Cape Fear. The action captivates, and you won’t want to put this book down!

Amid this hell our ancestors farmed, hunted, fell in love, raised families, and created a city on this long-ignored shore. This story is more intense than today’s headlines. There is great strength here; there is nobility here, deep in the heart and soul of these ordinary men and women, free, slave, and Native American alike. These folk struggled daily for the greatest hope, the greatest dream of all, the hope of freedom in a new world. The story is terrifying, heartbreaking, but still touching, even inspiring. This is New Bern! These are the men and women of the Carolinas!

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